The MRC is preparing for some anticipated client engagement program opportunities. These opportunities give you the chance to use your filmmaking skills to learn to work to a client’s brief.

These customers range from NGOs, government and private companies. The briefs vary considerably, and the MRC negotiates a fair fee on your behalf and guarantees delivery.
In the first instance, the MRC offers these opportunities to its active members whose track record gives us confidence that they can deliver.

There is also the expectation that your experience level is such that you would benefit still from the MRC finding you these opportunities.
For the MRC to progress some conversations, we need to be able to show a number of filmmakers skills levels and styles. If you are interested in participating in the client engagement program, we require you to provide us with Vimeo links to three works of varying style.
1. Editorial – how you create reportage around a subject
2. Corporate video – how you tell a company or program or client’s story
3. Reflects your aspirational aesthetic – what your style brings to the medium of screen practice.

If you are not able to supply all three, we may still be in the position to put you forward.

Please send us an email with links to your films, your CV and a short bio.