2016 PIP Films Announced

PIP 2016 Films Announced!

The Media Resource Centre is excited to announce the recipients of the Production Initiative Program.

The Tiny Home, 6 minute Short Film
Writer/Director/Co-Producer: Sophie Morgan
Co-Producer: Cate Elliott
Synopsis: Ali lives an isolated life, in her tiny messy home in the middle of the forest, but when she meets Spencer she is forced to learn how to open up and how the right person will see the beauty within the clutter.
MRC Production investment $2.5K

Perfect Timing, 5 minute Short Film
Writer/Director/Producer: Emily McAllan
Synopsis: Perfect Timing is a story about Romana, a young woman who is struggling to find love in an era of social-media and instant gratification. She feels as though she has tried everything and only had bad results. She pines for a time when she was a teenager and love felt simple.
MRC Production Investment $2.5k

Space Sushi, 2-4 minute Animated short film.
Writer/Director/Animator: Makoto Koji
Producer: Debra Liang
Synopsis: An intergalactic culinary adventure following a disillusioned food critic on a transformative journey as she samples the galaxies most bizarre and elusive cuisine.
MRC Production investment $4.5K

Get Prepped, Webseries 6 × 5 minutes (MRC is only supporting 3 X 5mins)
Synopsis: Get Prepped is a six episode comedy web series about four characters preparing for a catastrophic event. It is survival, in every sense of the word and if they can get past their personality flaws and petty idiosyncrasies they might just survive the apocalypse. It is collective survival at its most hilarious.
Writer/Directors/Producers: Stuart Sturgess, Nathan March, Annalouise Sortini, Sally Hardy.
MRC Production investment $4.5K into the first 3 episodes

Freemales, Web-series 3 × 5min
Writer/Director/Co-Producer: Stephanie Jaclyn
Co-Producer: Stephen Mitchell
Logline: When a free spirited traveller moves in with a hard working career woman they form a strong wine-fuelled friendship as they approach their mid-midlife crisis from two different angles.
MRC Production investment $4.5K

Absolute Zero, Web-series 6 × 6min
Synopsis: When detective Lennox is dispatched to the L.E.E. mining station in the Rings of Saturn he thought he was just investigating an accidental workplace death. As he begins his interviews he soon discovers none of fourman crew have an alibi at the time of the death but they all have a motiveā€¦ to kill.
Writers: Lucy Campbell, Sophie Morgan
Story Concepts/Directors:Lucy Campbell, Sophie Morgan, Claire Bishop and Peter Ninos
Production Company: Sharptooth Pictures
MRC Production Investment: $10,000