The MRC started life in 1974, making it one of the longest established members of the Screen Development Australia (SDA) national network, and providing evidence of Australia’s ongoing passion for all things showing on a screen – big or small, public or private, independent release or money-spinning blockbuster!

The first MRC was located at 1 Union Street Adelaide and moved to a larger location in Pirie Street during the early 80’s. The Centre recognised the need to foster new and emerging filmmaking practice in SA – remember there was no access to video in those days and no digital media! The MRC also provided an avenue to screen local filmmakers works and other independent, alternative or community films and hard to find international films. It provided an equipment base and the space for filmmakers to work on their projects, network with others and attend seminars and screenings.

In 1992 the SA government established the Lion Art Centre in Morphett Street, Adelaide, a purpose-built arts precinct that houses a variety of arts organisations, galleries and theatres. The MRC relocated to the West End and also opened the Mercury and Iris Cinemas.

At this time the MRC merged with Commedia, South Australia’s community media organisation.

Today the MRC has over 1000 members a runs a huge range of production and exhibition activities. The continued growth of the MRC reflects the increasing diversity and importance of screens in our lives with programs ranging from drama to animation and documentaries to games. We provide training, production opportunities, screenings, professional advice, networking opportunities as we continue to try to foster the creation of exciting, unique and engaging content across all screens.

If you are not from South Australia, contact your nearest SDA organisation.